Affiliate with Merit

A positive change, centered on exceptional patient care and personal fulfillment.

Advance Your Professional Career and Personal Aspirations.

Focusing your career and managing time in a way that is best for you and your patients.

In today's healthcare environment, it is common for administrative burdens to erode the time physicians have to spend caring for patients, growing their practice, and balancing their personal lives.

Practicing medicine should be about rendering patient care, and growing your practice, but we all know that in practice you must wear many hats such as attending to administrative requirements. Human resources, payroll, billing, coverage, regulatory compliance, and a host of other administrative needs which consume valuable time.

As a Merit affiliate all of this stress and time loss changes. Being an affiliate of Merit is a rewarding and rejuvenating professional relationship that enables you to efficiently realize professional aspirations, while balancing your personal lifestyle objectives. With robust administrative resources and exclusive capabilities, affiliating with Merit will yield significant advancements professionally and personally.

Affiliating with Merit.

Realize your professional and personal objectives.

Should you decide to affiliate with ASC you will be part of a collegial network that will enable you to:

  • Improve your professional and personal lifestyle balance
  • Seamlessly manage patient relationships and care
  • Expand your practice
  • Efficiently manage your consults, routine visits, and surgical schedules
  • Increase your income with less stress
  • Enjoying collegial comradery

Your Advocate and Your Team.

Grow your practice with balance, and without administrative demands.

With Merit you gain an advocate with dedicated resources to provide readily available access to surgical facilities at your convenience, and full practice management capabilities.

Essentially, as an affiliate member of Merit you run your practice with the independence you are accustomed to and with the full capabilities of an outpatient surgical center at your disposal, but without the overhead cost of operating a surgical center, and without the daily administrative burdens of managing your practice. Merit affiliates get the advantages of:

  • Worry free practice management. We will alleviate the need for you to handle administrative requirements, so you can focus on growing your practice and caring for your patients.
  • Priority surgery scheduling at Merit surgical centers.
  • Professional marketing support for your practice that reaches new patients.
  • Full billing services to increase your profits.
  • Dedicated medical office staff support.
  • Attractive private offices.
  • Numerous other lifestyle and professional benefits.