Deductible Savings Solutions

Pay less deductibles, while receiving leading medical care.

We know in today’s healthcare climate, health insurance deductibles can be high, and may lead to you considering postponing important medical preventative care consultations, procedures or vital treatments.

However, we do not believe that health insurance deductibles should stand between you and your doctor, and we have three ways that we can help you balance your health and budget at the same time:

  1. Simply pay less– because we are a Tier-1 Preferred Medical Center you can pay as much as 50% less in deductibles by being cared for by our practice.
  2. Custom payment plans– if the direct savings realized with us does help you meet our budget goals 100%, we will work with you to create a customized payment plan that spreads your deductible costs over several payments.
  3. Uncompromising quality- we are regarded as an outstanding practice, being one of the few practices to achieve prestigious AAAHC accreditation in recognition of our provision of superior patient care.

We are personally committed to helping our patients maintain their wellbeing, and hope our deductible management efforts help you manage your health and finances, while receiving the best comprehensive medical care possible.

To learn more please contact us, or schedule a consultation at which time we can work out a payment plan in person if you would like.