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10 Best Male Cat Names You’ll Love

By: Mary Jones

Simba: A regal name inspired by the Lion King, perfect for a confident and majestic male cat.

Oliver: A classic and charming name that suits cats with a playful and affectionate personality.

Leo: Short for Leonardo, this name is ideal for a brave and adventurous cat, just like a lion.

Charlie: A friendly and endearing name that suits cats with a sociable and lovable nature.

Jasper: A sophisticated and elegant name that befits a cat with a refined and dignified demeanor.

Max: A strong and timeless name that works well for any cat, exuding a sense of power and confidence.

Gizmo: A fun and quirky name that fits playful and curious cats who always find themselves in amusing situations.

Finn: Short for Finnegan, this name is perfect for an energetic and mischievous feline companion.

Zeus: A powerful and commanding name, perfect for a cat with a dominant and imposing presence.

Whiskers: A cute and fitting name for a cat with prominent and expressive whiskers.

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