10 Expensive Cat Breeds

Savannah: The Savannah is a crossbreed between a domestic cat and a serval, known for its striking appearance and high price tag due to its rarity.

Ashera: Dubbed as the world's most expensive cat breed, the Ashera is a hybrid cat with a leopard-like appearance, bred from African servals, Asian leopard cats, and domestic cats.

Bengal: Known for their wild and exotic appearance, Bengal cats have a high price tag due to their unique coat patterns and resemblance to their leopard ancestors.

Peterbald: This hairless cat breed originated in Russia and is known for its elegant, graceful appearance and high price due to its rarity.

Scottish Fold: Scottish Fold cats are recognized for their unique folded ears, and their price is influenced by their distinctive feature and popularity among cat enthusiasts.

Sphynx: The Sphynx breed is famous for its lack of fur, which results in a hairless appearance and a higher price due to their unique and distinctive look.

British Shorthair: The British Shorthair is a pedigreed breed known for its round face and dense coat, which contributes to its higher price compared to other domestic cats.

Russian Blue: Recognized for their striking blue-gray coat and captivating green eyes, Russian Blues are sought after, making them relatively expensive.

Maine Coon: Maine Coons are large and gentle cats known for their tufted ears and majestic appearance, which contributes to their higher price as a desirable breed.

Ragdoll: Ragdolls are known for their docile and affectionate nature, striking blue eyes, and silky semi-longhair coats, making them a popular and relatively expensive breed.


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