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10 Flat Faced Cat Breeds You’ll Love

By: Mary Jones

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Known for their luxurious long coats and adorable flat faces, Persians are calm, gentle, and affectionate companions.

Exotic Shorthair

With a similar appearance to Persians but with shorter coats, Exotic Shorthairs have adorable flat faces and a sweet, laid-back nature.

Scottish Fold

Recognized for their unique folded ears and flat faces, Scottish Folds are charming, playful, and make wonderful companions.

British Shorthair

Although not as extreme as some other breeds, British Shorthairs have a slightly flat face and are known for their independent and friendly nature.


With striking flat faces and long, luxurious coats, Himalayans combine the features of Persians and Siamese, resulting in a captivating breed.


While not as flat-faced as some other breeds, Burmese cats have a slightly flattened muzzle and are known for their affectionate and social nature.

Exotic Longhair

Similar to Exotic Shorthairs but with longer coats, Exotic Longhairs exhibit the same adorable flat face and calm temperament.

Scottish Straight

Related to the Scottish Fold, Scottish Straights have a regular ear structure but still possess the appealing flat face seen in the breed.

Selkirk Rex

While not all Selkirk Rex cats have a flat face, some individuals exhibit this trait along with their curly coats, giving them a unique and endearing appearance.


A crossbreed between a Persian and a Munchkin, Napoleons often have flat faces and short legs, resulting in an adorable and distinctive look.

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