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10 Foods Boomers Enjoy That Millennials Will Not Eat   

Liver and Onions

A classic dish of liver cooked with onions, favored by boomers but often not preferred by millennials due to its strong flavor and texture.

Jell-O Salads

Gelatin-based salads with mixed ingredients like canned fruit, mayonnaise, and cottage cheese, which were popular among boomers but are now considered outdated by many millennials.

Creamed Corn

Canned or cooked corn kernels in a creamy sauce, a staple for boomers but not as favored by millennials who lean towards fresher and less processed options.

Canned Tuna Casserole

A comforting casserole made with canned tuna, noodles, and condensed soup, popular among boomers but less appealing to millennials seeking more diverse and healthier choices.


A dense and heavily preserved cake filled with candied fruits and nuts, traditionally enjoyed by boomers during holidays but often seen as a dated dessert by millennials.

Chopped Liver

A spread made from cooked liver, onions, and seasonings, enjoyed by boomers but considered less appealing by many millennials due to its strong flavor and texture.

Cottage Cheese

While still enjoyed by some millennials, cottage cheese is less popular among this generation compared to boomers who often included it in their diet as a low-fat protein source.

Canned Vegetables

Boomer households commonly relied on canned vegetables for convenience, while millennials tend to opt for fresh or frozen produce for their meals.


A canned meat product made from pork, often associated with boomers but less embraced by millennials due to its highly processed nature

TV Dinners

Pre-packaged frozen meals that gained popularity among boomers as convenient dinner options but are now less favored by millennials seeking fresher

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