10 most playful cat breeds

Energetic and curious, Abyssinians love interactive play and exploring their surroundings.


Known for their wild appearance, Bengals are active and enjoy playing games that involve running, jumping, and climbing.


Siamese cats are intelligent and love interactive play with their human companions.


Despite their large size, Maine Coons are playful and enjoy games that stimulate their hunting instincts.

Maine Coon

Descendants of serval cats, Savannahs are highly active and love engaging in play that challenges their agility.


Although hairless, Sphynx cats are full of energy and love to engage in interactive play with their owners.


Playful and social, Oriental Shorthairs are known for their love of toys and games.

Oriental Shorthair

Ragdolls are gentle and enjoy interactive play, often going limp like a ragdoll when held or engaged in play.


Burmese cats are playful and enjoy interactive play sessions that involve chasing toys and playing hide-and-seek.


With their adorable folded ears, Scottish Folds are playful cats that enjoy interactive play and games that challenge their intelligence.

Scottish Fold

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