10 Top Cat Breeds That Are Smaller-Sized

Known for its small size and distinctive ticked coat, the Singapura is one of the smallest domestic cat breeds.


Munchkins have short legs, giving them a unique appearance, and come in various coat patterns and colors.


With their curly fur and slender build, Devon Rex cats are small in size but big on personality.

Devon Rex

Similar to the Devon Rex, Cornish Rex cats have a unique coat of tight curls and a slim physique.

Cornish Rex

Although not the smallest breed, Abyssinians have a sleek and slender body, making them appear smaller than they actually are.


Japanese Bobtails have a compact and agile build with a distinctive bobbed tail.

Japanese Bobtail

While not extremely small, Burmese cats have a compact and muscular build, giving them a solid and sturdy appearance.


Siamese cats have a svelte body and a slim profile, making them appear smaller than some other breeds.


Though not a particularly small breed, Russian Blues have a graceful and slender physique.

Russian Blue

Scottish Folds have a charming appearance with their folded ears and come in various coat lengths and colors.

Scottish Fold

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