10 Worst Cities To Avoid in the U.S. in 2023 

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has faced economic decline and urban decay, with high crime rates and unemployment.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis has a high crime rate and struggles with poverty and economic disparities.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore faces challenges with crime, particularly in certain neighborhoods, and has socioeconomic issues.

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis has struggled with high crime rates and poverty levels, particularly in certain areas of the city.

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham faces challenges with high crime rates and socioeconomic issues.

Oakland, California

Oakland has a reputation for high crime rates, particularly in certain neighborhoods.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland has faced economic challenges, high poverty rates, and issues with crime.

Stockton, California

Stockton has struggled with high crime rates, economic difficulties, and bankruptcy in the past.

Camden, New Jersey

Camden has faced economic decline, high crime rates, and poverty levels.

Gary, Indiana

Gary has faced economic decline, population loss, and high crime rates.

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