5 Seeds You Should Never Eat

Poisonous Seeds: Seeds from poisonous plants, such as castor beans or rosary peas, should never be consumed as they contain toxins that can be harmful or even deadly.

Unripe or Raw Seeds: Eating unripe or raw seeds, like raw kidney bean seeds, can cause digestive issues and potentially toxic reactions due to the presence of certain compounds.

Cyanide-Containing Seeds: Seeds from fruits like apple, cherry, or peach should not be consumed in large quantities, as they contain amygdalin.

Oleander Seeds: The seeds of the oleander plant are highly toxic and should be avoided, as they contain cardiac glycosides that can be fatal if consumed.

Unknown or Unidentified Seeds: Avoid consuming seeds from unidentified plants or seeds that you are unsure about, as they may be toxic or have adverse effects on health.

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