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7  Cats with Curly Hair You’ll Love

By: Mary Jones

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Known for their curly and plush coats, Selkirk Rex cats have a unique and charming appearance that is hard to resist.

By  Walter

Selkirk Rex

These cats have curly hair that is soft and wavy, giving them an adorable and whimsical look.

By  Walter


With their short and curly coats, Devon Rex cats have a distinct appearance and a playful personality to match.

By  Walter

Devon Rex

Known for their curly and sleek coats, Cornish Rex cats have a distinctive look that sets them apart from other breeds.

By  Walter

Cornish Rex

This breed has a unique wiry coat that can be curly in some individuals, giving them a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

By  Walter

American Wirehair

While not all Kurilian Bobtails have curly hair, some individuals can exhibit curly or wavy coats, adding to their charm.

By  Walter

Kurilian Bobtail

A crossbreed between the Scottish Fold and the Selkirk Rex, Highland Folds can inherit the curly hair gene, resulting in a unique combination of curly hair and folded ears.

By  Walter

Highland Fold

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