Brush Stroke

7 Hairstyles Women Love on Men

By: Mary Jones

A trendy and versatile hairstyle featuring shaved or shorter sides and back, while the top is left longer and styled in various ways.


A sophisticated and timeless haircut with longer hair on top styled upwards and back, creating a voluminous and polished look.

Classic Pompadour

A modern and clean haircut with gradually shorter hair on the sides and back, blending into longer hair on top, allowing for various styling options.

Taper Fade

A low-maintenance yet stylish haircut with short textured hair all over, providing a rugged and effortlessly cool appearance.

Short Textured Crop

A sleek and polished hairstyle where the hair is combed back and styled with a product for a sophisticated and elegant look.

Slicked-Back Hair

A bold and confident choice where the hair is uniformly buzzed short all over, highlighting facial features and creating a rugged and masculine aesthetic.

Buzz Cut

Natural waves or textured hair left at a medium length, providing a relaxed and effortlessly attractive look.

Medium-Length Waves

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