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7 Modern Bowl Cut Hairstyles for Women


A modern take on the classic bowl cut, featuring textured layers and choppy ends for a trendy and edgy look.

Textured Bowl Cut


This style incorporates a shag haircut with a bowl cut, creating a layered and tousled appearance for a stylish and effortless vibe.

Shaggy Bowl Cut


 A contemporary twist on the bowl cut, with one side shorter than the other, adding asymmetry and visual interest to the hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Bowl Cut


This variation adds layers to the traditional bowl cut, creating movement and texture while maintaining the distinctive rounded shape.

Layered Bowl Cut


A fusion of the pixie cut and the bowl cut, featuring a short and close-cropped style that highlights facial features and exudes confidence.

Pixie Bowl Cut


This modern bowl cut incorporates an undercut or shaved section at the nape of the neck, adding an element of boldness and contrast to the hairstyle.

Undercut Bowl Cut


Elevate your bowl cut with vibrant and bold hair colors, such as pastels, vivid hues, or balayage highlights, to make a unique and eye-catching statement.

Colorful Bowl Cut

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