8 Cars That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

Audi A2 (1999 - 2005): The Audi A2, featuring an all-aluminum body, was a pioneer in mass-produced cars, gaining popularity in the used car market for its reliability and efficiency.

Subaru SVX (1991 - 1997): The Subaru SVX, known for its futuristic design, divided opinions but remains unique with limited production.

Aston Martin Lagonda (1978 - 1990): The Lagonda, with its wedge-shaped body and early use of touch-sensitive buttons, was ahead of its time in luxury car interiors.

Honda Insight (1999 - 2006): As one of the first mass-production hybrids, the Honda Insight laid the groundwork for future eco-friendly vehicles.

Pontiac Aztek (2001 - 2005): Despite its infamous design, the Pontiac Aztek anticipated the SUV and crossover trend, featuring innovative utility elements.

Porsche 959 (1986 - 1988): The Porsche 959 set new standards in the supercar realm with advanced technologies, remaining a benchmark for performance and daily drivability.

AMC Eagle (1979 - 1987): The AMC Eagle, particularly in its 5-door wagon form, predated the current trend of off-road-inspired station wagons, influencing modern crossover designs.

NSU Ro80 (1967 - 1977): The NSU Ro80, with a streamlined design and a rotary engine, showcased technological innovation despite facing challenges, laying the groundwork for future developments.