8 creative camping food and drink hacks

Campfire Walking Tacos: Opt for campfire walking tacos served in miniature bags of chips to minimize clean-up. Simply assemble, serve, and dispose of the bag when finished.

Silica Gel Packets: Use silica gel packets found in shoes or bags to prevent cookware from rusting or getting moldy. Place them in pots and pans when storing to absorb lingering moisture.

Condiment Caddy from Beer Six-Pack: Repurpose a six-pack container as a condiment caddy for camping. Store ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, napkins, reusable straws, or other items in the cardboard container.

Dutch Oven Pizza: Enjoy pizza while camping by using a parchment paper-lined Dutch oven for easy cleanup. Alternative methods include using foil or a pie iron.

Freeze for Prolonged Chilling: Extend the freshness of food in coolers by freezing items ahead of time. Freeze casseroles or bring a frozen loaf of bread to keep food chilled for an extended camping stay.

Frozen Water Bottles in Coolers: Upgrade your cooler by freezing water bottles instead of using ice cubes. Frozen water bottles last longer, provide drinkable water as they melt, and eliminate the need for periodic water drainage.

Eggs in a Basket: Cook eggs, toast, and side dishes in one pan without them running together by making eggs in a basket.

Utilize Mason Jars: Incorporate mason jars into camping prep to keep food fresh, protect it from moisture in the cooler, and store items like oatmeal, yogurt, pre-made salads, and marinating meat with no confusion, leaks, or clean-up.