8 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

The Fishtail Braid

The classic fishtail braid is one of the most popular hairstyles, and many brides still choose it today.

A Classic Bun with Flowers

If you prefer to keep things traditional, the classic bun is your best bet. The nicest thing about this hairstyle is that it looks well on everybody, regardless of hair type.

Classy Loose Curls

Which bride does not adore a delicate, romantic look? If you prefer to keep things simple, classy loose curls are the best choice for your bridal hairstyle. This hairdo was inspired by ocean waves.

All Over Flowers

Another popular bridal hairstyle for brides-to-be is the all-over floral braid. Flowers are commonly used as a symbol of good luck and wealth by South Indian newlyweds.

Loose Messy Bun

Girls with medium-length hair: Say I! Who said sloppy buns were only for days when you hadn't cleaned your hair? It's an excellent method to update any outfit with a modern twist.

Simple And Straight

Timeless, easy, and quick! If you're a no-hassle bride-to-be, a stylish straighten or blow-dry hairstyle is ideal.

Beach Waves

If you want to steal the spotlight, opt for beach waves! Minimal effort, huge slayage. Curling the ends is a terrific method to appreciate and play with your lovely locks.

Waterfall Braid -- Half Up, Half Down

Ethereal and romantic, the waterfall braid is an ideal hairstyle for any wedding or pre-wedding function. A basic braid combined with free-flowing hair equals dreamy!