9 Healthy Foods That Are Harmful if You Eat Too Much

Nuts and Seeds: While nuts and seeds are packed with healthy fats, fiber, and essential nutrients, they are also high in calories.

Avocado: Avocado is a nutrient-rich fruit containing healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. However, it is high in calories, so excessive consumption can contribute to weight gain.

Dried Fruit: Dried fruits are a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Nonetheless, they are also high in sugar and calories.

Fish: Fish, particularly fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. However, some types of fish can be high in mercury.

Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is a protein-packed dairy product that offers several health benefits. Nevertheless, it can be high in saturated fat if consumed in excess.

Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate with high cocoa content is rich in antioxidants and may provide certain health benefits.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil gained popularity for its unique composition of fatty acids. However, it is high in saturated fat, and excessive intake may raise LDL cholesterol levels.

Quinoa: Quinoa is a nutritious grain that is gluten-free and rich in protein and fiber. Yet, it is also high in carbohydrates.

Nut Butter: calorie-dense nut butter, such as peanut butter or almond butter, can contribute to weight gain despite its healthy fats.

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