How to Wax Yourself At Home the Right Way

Avoid Retinoids: Refrain from using retinoids or isotretinoin for at least six months before waxing to ensure optimal skin healing capabilities.

Trim Hairs: Trim hair length to ¼ to ¾ inch before waxing to prevent breakage and facilitate a smoother and more efficient waxing process.

Gently Exfoliate: Consider mild exfoliation a few days before waxing using methods like dry brushes or chemical exfoliation to enhance effectiveness and loosen ingrown hairs.

Cleanse Before Waxing: Wash the waxing area with a gentle cleanser just before waxing to remove makeup, oil, and debris, preventing them from mixing with the wax.

Moisturize Pre-Wax: Apply a film-free or non-comedogenic moisturizer before waxing to enhance skin hydration, resulting in a less painful and cleaner waxing experience.

Consider an Oil Barrier: Be cautious with certain wax types, such as hard wax, which may require an oil barrier to prevent adherence to the skin and potential bruising.

Perform a Test Patch:Always conduct a patch test before large-scale waxing to check for skin sensitivity and ensure a neutral reaction before proceeding with the full waxing session.