Justin Bieber's Top Songs all time

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This iconic song featuring Ludacris became an instant hit and propelled Justin Bieber to stardom, showcasing his youthful charm and catchy melodies.


With its infectious beat and heartfelt lyrics, "Sorry" became a global anthem of apology and reconciliation, showcasing Bieber's growth as an artist.

Love Yourself

This introspective acoustic ballad, co-written with Ed Sheeran, resonated with listeners for its relatable themes of self-love and moving on from toxic relationships.

What Do You Mean?

Bieber's comeback single after a brief hiatus, this song blended catchy pop hooks with an underlying message about miscommunication in relationships.


The title track from Bieber's album "Purpose" is a powerful and uplifting anthem that showcases his personal and musical growth, emphasizing the importance of finding one's purpose.


Not to be confused with the previous song, this upbeat dance-pop track is a collaboration with DJ Skrillex and Diplo, collectively known as Jack Ü. It became an instant hit on the charts and in clubs around the world.

Cold Water

A collaboration with Major Lazer and MØ, "Cold Water" is an infectious summer anthem that combines Bieber's vocals with upbeat electronic sounds.

Beauty and a Beat

Featuring Nicki Minaj, this high-energy dance-pop track became a club favorite and showcased Bieber's ability to create catchy and memorable songs.

Where Are Ü Now

Another collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo, this song earned critical acclaim and a Grammy Award. It combines elements of pop, electronic, and dance music, solidifying Bieber's artistic versatility.

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