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Nail artists share 7 nail trends that are in and 5 that are out this summer


Vibrant neon colors like electric yellow, hot pink, and bold orange are popular choices for making a statement this summer.

Bright Neon Shades


Experimenting with abstract designs using different shapes, lines, and colors is a creative trend that adds an artistic touch to your nails.

Abstract Nail Art


Soft and dreamy pastel shades blended in an ombré effect create a romantic and delicate look perfect for the summer season.

Pastel Ombré


Embracing the natural nail by leaving portions unpainted or incorporating clear or sheer elements adds a modern and minimalist twist.

Negative Space Nails


Mixing different colors, patterns, and textures on each nail or even within a single nail design showcases a fun and playful style.

Mix and Match


Floral patterns and designs, including intricate blooms and delicate petals, bring a touch of nature and femininity to your nails.

Floral Nail Art


Adding chunky glitter accents or creating full glitter nails provides a dazzling and eye-catching finish for a summer party or event.

Chunky Glitter

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