Rare Dog Breeds Very Few People Know About

The Xoloitzcuintli, or Xolo for short, is an ancient breed known for its hairlessness and unique appearance.


Hailing from West Africa, the Azawakh is a regal and slender sighthound with a striking appearance and a gentle disposition.


The Norwegian Lundehund is a small, agile breed with six toes on each foot and the ability to bend its head backward

Norwegian Lundehund

A versatile and rare Italian breed with a curly, water-repellent coat, known for its exceptional truffle-hunting skills.

Lagotto Romagnolo

The Catalburun is a Turkish breed known for its distinctive split-nose, making it one of the most unique-looking dogs in the world.


A rare and independent breed from Thailand, known for its distinctive ridge of hair along the back that grows in the opposite direction.

Thai Ridgeback

The Otterhound is a large and rare breed from the United Kingdom, recognized for its shaggy coat, webbed feet, and excellent scent-tracking abilities.


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