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The 10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World

Yubari King Melon: Grown in Japan, these melons are known for their exceptional sweetness and can command high prices, especially for the top-grade ones.

Densuke Watermelon: Grown exclusively in Hokkaido, Japan, these black watermelons are rare and highly valued for their unique appearance and rich, sweet flavor.

Ruby Roman Grapes: Cultivated in Ishikawa, Japan, these grapes are known for their large size and intense sweetness. They are often sold in bunches and can be quite pricey.

Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan: Grown in the UK's Lost Gardens of Heligan, these pineapples are nurtured in special heated pits.

Square Watermelon: These watermelons, mainly produced in Japan, are grown in a square-shaped container, resulting in a unique and expensive novelty item.

Buddha Shaped Pears: Grown in China, these pears are carefully molded during their growth to achieve a distinctive Buddha shape, making them highly sought after and costly.

Dekopon Citrus: Originating from Japan, these citrus fruits are large and have a sweet, juicy flavor. They are often exported and can command high prices in certain markets.

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries: These premium strawberries, grown in Japan, are known for their exceptional size, sweetness, and vibrant red color, making them a luxury fruit.

Roman Grapes: Grown primarily in Italy, these grapes are used to produce fine wines and are often associated with high prices due to their quality and limited availability.

Dangshan White Peach: These peaches, grown in Dangshan, China, are prized for their exquisite taste and texture.

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