These small bedroom storage ideas are seriously cute

Rethink shelving systems to expand storage, utilizing areas above a desk, bed, or in the closet.

Maximize Vertical Space

Install shelves at ceiling height to accommodate a vast book collection, reducing visual clutter in a small London bedroom.

High Bookshelves

Opt for a streamlined side table to create an illusion of space and prevent overcrowding in a small bedroom.

Compact Side Table

Use a chair rail to display small items or art, adding a statement to the room without taking up valuable floor space.

Chair Rail Storage

Employ a versatile shelving system in a small DC rowhouse bedroom, providing space for hanging clothes, baskets, and accessories.

Functional Shelving System

Utilize a shelving unit to create privacy and extra storage in a New York City studio bedroom, considering the display of curated items.

Sleep Space Partition

In a tiny Philadelphia home, maximize storage by adding proportional shelving and baskets to odd corners and architectural features.

Optimize Odd Corners