Top 10 rarest dog breeds

Dale Carter

Australian kelpie

Fox-like head, slender and muscular sheepdog. Energetic, highly skilled, and possibly a cross between collies and dingos.

English coonhound

Also called redtick coonhound, brought by settlers to the US. Known for tracking abilities, active, hardy, playful, and sociable.


The Maltese with a compact build. Calm, affectionate, valued as a gift in the Renaissance, and enjoys daily brushing and close companionship.

Cesky terrier

Dog of the Czech Republic, related to Scottish terriers. Short-legged, long, silky coats, sweet and affectionate with family, but shy with strangers.

Dandie Dinmont terrier

A character in a novel by Sir Walter Scott, known for their bouncing gaits and tufts of hair on their heads. Fearless and not intimidated by larger dogs.

Finnish spitz

Fox-red coat, bushy curled tail, and related to Karelo-Finnish laika. Considered one breed with the laika by the Russian Kynological Federation.

Teddy Roosevelt terrier

Short-legged, adept at vermin hunting on farms. Named after President Theodore Roosevelt's White House terrier, inspiring the breed's name.

Portuguese podengo

Hunting rabbits, available in smooth or wirehaired coats and various sizes. Lively, energetic companions best suited for active families.


A rare Belgian shepherd breed, named after the Castle of Laeken. Affectionate, loyal, and protective companions for their owners and families.


Sloughi, an elegant Arabian greyhound bred for hunting and herding. Known for their tall stature, graceful appearance, and strong hunting instincts.

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