Top 7 Gorgeous Grey Cat Breeds

Renowned for their striking silver-blue coat, Russian Blues have a gentle temperament and captivating green eyes.

Russian Blue

With their dense, water-repellent blue-grey fur, Chartreux cats are known for their intelligent and playful nature.


Calm and affectionate, known for their round face and dense, blue-grey coat.

British Shorthair

Long, silky blue-grey fur and captivating green eyes, gentle and reserved in nature.


Originating from Thailand, they have a shimmering silver-blue coat and a loyal, affectionate personality.


Unique folded ears and a range of coat colors, including beautiful shades of grey.

Scottish Fold

Despite not being a specific breed, grey Maltese cats can display a beautiful silver or grey coat, often complemented by their playful and loving nature.


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