Top 8 Blue Eyed Cat Breeds

Siamese: Known for their iconic blue almond-shaped eyes, Siamese cats are intelligent, vocal, and social.

Ragdoll: With their captivating blue eyes, Ragdolls are gentle, affectionate, and often have a semi-longhaired coat.

Birman: Birmans feature deep blue eyes that beautifully contrast with their silky, medium-length coat and friendly personality.

Tonkinese: Tonkinese cats have mesmerizing blue eyes and come in various coat colors. They are known for being playful, social, and affectionate.

Snowshoe: This breed showcases striking blue eyes against their distinct white coat with colored points. Snowshoes are sociable and outgoing cats.

Himalayan: Himalayans, a breed similar to Persian cats, have enchanting blue eyes and a luxurious long coat in various color patterns.

Javanese: Javanese cats have mesmerizing blue eyes, a semi-longhaired coat, and are sociable, intelligent, and vocal companions.

Balinese: Resembling the Siamese but with longer fur, Balinese cats have piercing blue eyes and are known for their loving and active nature.

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