Top 8 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds

Known for their assertive and vocal nature, Siamese cats can sometimes exhibit aggression towards other animals or unfamiliar individuals.


This breed has a strong hunting instinct, which, if not properly channeled, can result in aggressive behavior.


While not inherently aggressive, Sphynx cats can be more prone to assertiveness and may show territorial behavior.


Although generally friendly, Maine Coons can display aggression if they feel threatened or their boundaries are violated.

Maine Coon

Abyssinians are highly energetic and can become aggressive if not provided with adequate stimulation and playtime.


While most Scottish Folds are gentle and affectionate, some individuals may exhibit aggressive tendencies due to genetic factors.

Scottish Fold

This breed has a strong prey drive and may display aggressive behavior if not given enough outlets for exercise and play.

Egyptian Mau

Though generally good-natured, American Bobtails can exhibit aggression if they feel their territory is threatened.

American Bobtail

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