You Should Never Carry These 8 Items in Your Wallet

Social Security Card: Keeping your Social Security card in your wallet puts you at risk for identity theft.

PINs and Passwords: Avoid carrying written or printed copies of your PINs and passwords in your wallet. If your wallet gets lost or stolen

Spare Keys: Carrying spare keys in your wallet can make it easier for someone to access your car or home if your wallet is lost or stolen.

Birth Certificate: Your birth certificate is a vital document that should be stored in a secure location, such as a safe or lockbox. 

Large Amounts of Cash: Carrying excessive amounts of cash in your wallet can make you a target for theft

Multiple Credit Cards: Carrying multiple credit cards increases the risk of losing them all at once. Limit the number of cards you carry to minimize

Blank Checks: Carrying blank checks in your wallet can be risky, as they can be easily filled out and used fraudulently.

Irreplaceable Items: Avoid keeping irreplaceable items like sentimental photos or important documents in your wallet.

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